All profits from the magazines go towards the conservation of the Iberian lynx.
Catscraze magazines started with Issue nš1 (obviously) in 2004. The first issue was released that December and was – as nš2 and nš3 – exclusively about felines. From nš4 on, the magazine has been about animals in general, although there have only been 6 editions to date.

Participation has never been constant or plentiful, so Issue nš6 is planned to be the last edition with the exception of a possible Special Christmas Issue 2007. The printing and selling of magazines will be continued, but no new issues are scheduled or probably, from a lack of participation and time. However, articles, pictures, poems, stories, etc. will still be accepted! They'll be posted on the web-site and, in the case of an adequate amount of new material sent in, another magazine could be made from it.


Here's what you members can do:

· Articles - Only persons of 12 years of age or more may do so, and may be edited by the Catscraze editor. They must be the original work of the one sending them – no copying and pasting from the internet! – and about an animal or animal-related topic.

· Drawings - Of animals.

· Poems and stories - True or fictional, but again, you own and about an animal(s).


Issues and prices

- Issue Nš1, 2004 - 2 €

- Issue Nš2, 2005 - 2 €

- Issue Nš3, 2005 - 2 €

- Issue Nš4, 2006 - 3€

- Issue Nš5, 2006 - 3€

- Special Issue: Lynx, 2006 - 4 €

- Special Xmas Issue 2006 - 2 €

- Issue Nš6, (2007) - 3 €

- Special Xmas Issue 2007 - ?